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Our Mission

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Have you ever wondered how it feels to wake up & go to work with the smile on your face? I can assure you it feels amazing!

Do you feel stuck in your current job which is not fulfilling you? Are you worried that year by year you’re getting older & still haven't discovered what really excites you?

If you are genuine, open, ambitious person with passion for beauty with a sprinkle of artistic flair who would love to meet new people every day, make their life better & don’t ever feel like going to work again, you’re in the right place!

Have you ever wondered how it must feel to be successful business owner and your own boss?

Have you ever dreamed about working when you want & creating financial independence for you and your family?

I answered yes to all these questions a decade ago and today I am able to share my journey with my students you teaching you how to find passion in life & build financial freedom while helping others to rediscover their confidence.

Permanent Make Up treatments becoming more & more popular as modern life becomes busier & busier. Brows, Lip Blush & Eyelash Enhancements are very popular choice for busy professionals, new mothers and active people who due to busy daily schedules don’t have time for reapplying cosmetics, yet understand psychological connection between looking & feeling great.


PMU treatments last 24/7 for up to 18 months and therefore are the perfect choice for both men & women switching between business meetings & gym sessions on daily basis. Modern PMU techniques are focused on creating either very natural, realistic, undetectable styles or very subtle enhancements. Demand for quality treatments grows every year not only because people’s schedules get busier but also due to growing number of people with medical conditions like alopecia, post chemotherapy brow/lash loss and facial scarring, who are looking for ways to improve their appearance & build their confidence back.

Our beginners Ombré Brows and Microblading training are the first step to successful career in Permanent Make Up. 70% of PMU treatments are brows. Which style you choose to learn depends on your preferences and budged, but both will allow you to create beautiful lasting results & build successful business.

Microblading is a manual technique & doesn’t require investment into PMU device. Microblading allows you to create a picture of hair in human skin, replace missing parts of brow or even entire brow. First time PMU clients often choose Microblading as they don’t want big changes & like an idea of subtle enhancement. If your future client profile is more mature then often Microblading is great first step.
If you like more defined, perfectly shaded brow style and your future client profile is the younger group who likes glamorous, finished look, ombré brows are great first step into PMU.

Our newest baby NEW Bespoke PMU Training & Mentoring was designed for people who already did all the research, trained previously but haven’t left feeling confident to perform treatments independently or for those who plucked the courage to follow their dreams. Click here to find out more. 

If you’d like to find out more please text on 07710 227590 to book complementary, honest phone call to discuss if this journey is for you. I promise to share all the important behind the scenes business & industry information with you. We are here to help you make the right decision whether it’s going ahead or postponing it few years due to life circumstances. Looking forward to hear from you!

Why Permanent Make Up?

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